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acegoo Dimmable Led Reading Lamp, Minimalist Bedside Wall Light with USB Charger, Headboard Wall Surface Mount

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  • SPACE-FRIENDLY - Wall mounting or headboard surface mount, the minimalist lamp is very space saving and helps to free up the space on the bedside table
  • FLEXIBLE ARM - The easy to position flexible goose neck point the light directly to reading material so as to suit different sit or lie posture in bed for comfortable reading
  • DIMMABLE - Simple touch lamp holder base switch to turn on or turn off light, touch and hold switch to adjust light to your preference reading brightness level
  • USB CHARGER - The charger port located lamp holder base, easy charge your mobile devices like phones, kindle, tablet when you are working or bed time reading
  • FOCUSED LIGHTING - Narrow beam produces a focused lighting area on your reading page to read by without lighting up whole bedroom, don't disturb your partner

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